RapiCure Solutions is accelerating innovation in the manufacturing of advanced composites through increased performance and sustainability


Innovating the Future of Composite Technology

RapiCure Solutions is bringing the future of composite technology to manufacturers today. Our advanced composite manufacturing technology utilizes a well-controlled, self-propagating, frontal polymerization process to cure high-performance composites quickly and effectively. Our completely out-of-autoclave process not only reduces the time, money, and energy required to achieve curing of high-performance composites, but also yields a superior product that outperforms existing composites on the market.




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In an industry where cost, weight, and reliability often determine mission success or failure, RapiCure Solutions’ composite technology can dramatically improve the odds of achieving project lift-off. Our advanced polymer technology not only outperforms the competition but also results in time and energy savings—resulting in cost savings for aerospace projects.


RapiCure Solutions’ rapid curing process enables the automotive industry to fabricate high-volume components more quickly, thereby reducing the overall cost of automotive manufacturing



Innovating the Future of Composite Technology

With RapiCure Solutions’ frontal polymerization process, one can manufacture a 4-inch by 8-inch composite panel in under two minutes, while the conventional manufacturing process would take hours to fabricate a similar part. The infrared (IR) video below show the temperature and curing time for a carbon-fiber composite piece using RapiCure Solutions’ resin when initiated from a single wire.

Manufacturing of a 4 inch by 8-inch composite panel can be achieved in under two minutes with frontal polymerization, while conventional manufacturing would take hours to make a similar part. The infrared (IR) video below shows the temperature and curing of the carbon fiber composite when initiated from a single wire.

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FP-Based Composite Manufacturing

VARTM With Through-Thickness FP

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FP-based 3D Printing



Corrugated part


35 ✕ 35 cm panel

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Infusion: 90 sec Trigger: 15 sec (4800 J) Volume Fraction: 65% Void Content: 0.03% DOC: 98% Tg: 118 °C


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